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How to be an energy broker- Sell Commercial Energy
Over a 500 Billion Dollar Industry!
Sell Commercial Electric and Natural Gas!
Rates from 15 of the Nation's Top Suppliers!
We'll provide you everything you need!
-Sales Training
-Sell in EVERY deregulate State
-Customer Support
-Back Office Energy Team

                NO FEE! No Start-up Costs!

-Energy Market Advice
-Marketing tips
-Client Conference Calls
-Utility Bill Auditing

National Energy not only can provide you with electric and natural gas rates in every deregulated state but we are the only broker that  is able to back their work with a Rate Assurance Guarantee.  Whether you are just starting out or are looking to broker energy to your current clients, customer relationships are everything.  We partnered with the National Utilities Refund so all of our affiliate customer agreements will be processed through a professional auditing department to assure accuracy.  If for any reason the customer's agreement does not match the rate on their bill, we will refund them the difference, guaranteed. 
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Who can Sell Energy?
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      Market Analysts on Staff!
Why National Energy?
Whether your have little experience or none at all, at National Energy we have the team, support, training, and tools you need to successfully broker energy.  At National Energy,  we have encountered 3 types of entrepreneurs who want to broker energy.
Vast Supplier Networks
We have relationships with over 20 energy wholesalers and generators across the nation.  We can provide energy from a variety of suppliers that produce from:

                    -Wind         -Natural Gas
                    -Solar         -Coal
                    -Natural      -Coal Generation

No matter where the market ends up or what envoirmental policy take effect, we have a supplier that can provide your clients the lowest rate. 

We are capable to provide service to ANY commerical customer including the States listed below:

New Hampshire
New Hampshire

​New Jersey
New York
Rode Island
Washington DC

Referring Partners
           Those who do not sell energy but instead refer  businesses they know or current clients to compare rates with us.

            Those who prospect to sell energy and use our pricing team and energy analyst to handle all of the back-office work such as proposals, rates, energy analsysis, customer contracts, customer service, and etc.

Strategic Alliances
           Those who have the capabilities market their company and brand the service as their own. They wish to handle their own proposals, prepare customer agreements, sales start to finish, and use just our pricing floor to obtain rates.
In response, we offer a program for each category and a compensation structure that increases with your level of involvement. 

Who sells energy with us:
Energy Consultants
Property Management Firms
Telecom Providers
Telecom Reps

Hotel Consultants
Tax Consultants
Lighting Retrofit Company
Cost Analysts
Financial Service Firms

Who partners with us to Sell Energy?
We offer more than ANY other broker!
At National Energy we offer 3 ways customers can receive rates. 
Instant Rates

Custom Rates

Name Your Own Rate

Provide your customer a competitive rate instantly! We will put the most competitive rates from the top suppliers in the nation at your fingertips each day! 
 For customers who have multiple accounts or unique usage patterns we can send their usage information to over 20 suppliers and have them bid against each!  We will provide you the top 3 lowest bidding suppliers!
If you customer has a rate they would like to lock in at but market conditions caused the market to increase,  we can watch the market for your client and take advantage of a short market dip in prices by locking them in to the rate they want!
Learn more about the services you can offer by visiting our procurement site at

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Hands on Assistance and Training!
Our affiliates are more knowledgeable and confident than the rest!  We not only will provide initial training but we will provide ongoing training to help you understand and communicate market changes in energy prices, rate schedules, and common errors other brokers make.  You will have a competitive advantage over the competition because our auditing experts not only see the common mistakes the competition makes, we end up correcting their errors for the client when they switch to us!  And remember, we provide rate assurance, if your client's bill does not match the agreement, we will refund/credit the account for free!  Therefore, all of your work and all of your agreements will be verified and audited by our auditing team before they are implemented!