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After you complete step 1 & 2 on the website, you will receive the supplier's agreement via email to review and accept.  After you return a signed copy of the supplier's agreement, you are completed and will receive a countersigned agreement from the supplier.
Q: Am I obligated to accept the supplier's agreement once I receive it via email?

A: No.  There are no risks or obligations to review the supplier's agreement.  
Q:  Are there any cost to receive and/or review the supplier's agreement?

A: No.  There are no fees or charges associated with reviewing the supplier's agreement nor will there be any additional fees if you move forward.
Q:  How do I choose the correct "start month" for my new rate to begin?

A: First, check with your current 3rd party supplier to see when your current supply contract ends. The month that your current supply rate ends, will also be the month that your new supply rate begins.  For example-  If your current supplier agreement is a 12 month term and it had a start date of October, 2014, then the current rate agreement will end in October, 2015.  October, 2015 will also be the start date you should use on your new agreement. 

*Note.  It is always recommended that you check with your supplier to verify your contract end date.  

Q:  If I am still being serviced by PPL for the supply portion of my bill, what will my start month be for my new rate?
Supplier Agreements
Rates & Rate Start Dates

A: If you never previously contracted with a 3rd party supplier and/or your supplier's contract already ended, you may choose the next month as your start month. 

*Note. It is always recommended that you check with your 3rd party supplier to verify your contract end date.  

National Energy works with a variety of suppliers that will bill the supply charges on the same bill as the current PPL bill you are receiving (consolidated billing.  However, there are some suppliers that will send a separate invoice  (commonly referred to as dual billing).   After you complete step 1 & 2 on our website, you will receive a copy of the supplier's agreement and you will be informed whether or not the supplier supports consolidated or dual billing.
How will the new supplier bill my supply charges?
All supplier agreements are subject to early termination fees to some degree if a customer cancels a signed electric supply agreement.  After you complete step 1 & 2 on our website you will receive a copy of the supplier's agreement which include the terms and conditions on canceling the agreement
Are there any early termination fee's if I decide to cancel the supplier's agreement after I already am receiving the new rate?
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