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How to be an Energy Broker- Compensation for Energy Sales
How do you get paid?
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ProgramCompensationStart Now!PA Power Switch Electric Suppliers- FAQ

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Our Compensation is Untouchable!
Receive up to 80% commission!
Refer a client to us and we'll handle the rest! 

  20% of  the mark-up!  
  • No Monthly Quotas!
  • No Exclusivity Agreements!
  • Mark up Wholesale rates as much as you want!
  • Monthly Residuals for as long as you renew your clients agreement!
  • Upfront Payments!
  • We provide a rate assurance guarantee! 
  • Highest commission in the Industry!
  • No Start-up fees!
Affiliate Compensation Structure
Affiliate Program
Just send us the bill copy and we will prepare the agreements, proposals, and help you sell!  Well prepare daily rates or custom rates with just one bill copy!

   Start at 50% and work your way up to 70%!
Strategic Alliance
We will send you daily rates from multiple suppliers, you prepare the proposals, agreements, and handle the sales.  We will verify all of your agreements and custom price any prospect with just one bill copy!

   Start at 50% and work your way up to 70%!
We will provide you with wholesale rates and you can mark up the rate as much as you want. Example- if we provide you $.06 and you mark it up to $.068, the mark-up is $.008.  If the client uses 1,000,000 kWh annually, you would receive your commission percentage out of $8,000 (1,000,000 kWh x $.008).

We have suppliers that will pay 12 month's commission upfront with no fee taken out or you can receive monthly payment based on the actual usage. 

Residual Income!
Every year you can renew your client's contract and collect the same commission or have the client sign agreements for up to 5 years!
Perform an Utility Audit
Do you have a client who spends over 100k combined on energy, water/sewer, and telecom?  They will qualify for a full utility bill audit.  Our affiliate, NUR, can obtain refunds for billing errors as well as remove overcharges  If they find nothing, the client owes nothing!
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