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National Energy works with the industry’s leading electric suppliers and presents the lowest market rates available for small to large businesses. The rates listed below are for business customers located in the PPL utility.  
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*Rates listed are All-Inclusive electric rates.  PA Gross receipt tax and State Sales Tax (6%) are not included in the rates.
Proposed rates are subject to change with the market conditions.
​National Energy obtains daily rates from the leading electric suppliers for PPL commercial accounts every day.  The lowest daily supply rates are available in the rate chart below.  The rates are all inclusive rates, excluding PA gross receipt tax and PA state sales taxes.  You may complete the form below and chose from the rates/terms listed.  Once completed, National Energy will email you the electric supplier's agreement to review and accept.  There are no risks or obligations to review the electric supplier's agreement!
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kWh Usage Minimum requirement-  More than 50,000 kWh annually (4,200 kWh/month) 
KW Average- Average kW more than 25kW/month 
*You may aggregate multiple accounts to hit the minimum usage requirements
​**All Commercial organizations incl. Government, Education, and nonprofits, are eligible.
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